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16 years and over 800,000 cubic yards of log yard debris and contaminated timber by-products separation has allowed us to develop
the only equipment ON THIS PLANET that actually separates these products.
Our machine separates everything from dust to 24 boulders to 10 foot long logs into 5 separate, clean usable products.
Our system generates spotless rock and bark out of the worst water logged debris there is, even hemlock, in all weather conditions.


BioReclaim, Inc. performed on-site processing for 16 years at timber companies around the Northwest recycling
rock/metal contaminated timber by-products, primarily log yard debris.

The typical saw mill, veneer mill and log sort yards store their logs on rock road ways.  Bark falls off the logs and accumulates on the roadbeds.

Mill Equipment operators scoop up the bark which now contains log chunks and rock and stock pile it.

BioReclaim, Inc.  obtains contracts with these facilities to separate the debris into five clean products.

1/2" minus fines, used for compost/mulch as a soil amendment, ground cover, mixed with sand for sod bed etc.

1/2" to 16" bark and wood used for ground cover as-is or ground for beauty bark and boiler fuel.

1/2" to 12" CLEAN rock,
void of bark and wood. 

12" and larger boulders to be used as fill
material, rip rap, decorative rock etc.

16" and longer wood chunks and logs for firewood or ground and used for boiler fuel, ground cover, animal bedding etc.


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