BioReclaim, Inc. Timber By-Products Reclaim & Recycling Equipment

Specializing in the design and operation of the only known equipment capable of efficiently
converting rock/soil/metal contaminated timber by-products including log yard debris,
sawdust, chips, shavings and bark into clean rock and clean timber by-products.
This system designed and manufactured by BioReclaim, Inc. utilizes dynamic water flow to
separate even the most water logged timber by-products from rock/soil/sand & metal.
Recycling log yard debris and other timber by-products has been our one and only focus since 1994.
Our system has evolved into an incredibly efficient one man operation capable of separating logyard
debris and other rock/soil/sand/metal contaminated timber by-products in every stage and condition
you could imagine converting this debris into
five clean, saleable products.

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