Let us convert that pile of log yard debris into five usable products;

1/2" to 12" rock

12" and larger Boulders

1/2" minus Composted Bark Fines to be used as ground cover, soil amendment or compost

1/2" plus Bark/Wood to be used as boiler fuel, Landscape and Nursery bark.

Log chunks over sixteen inches in length

Please consider using our service and remember;

Guaranteed 100% Recovery

Guaranteed Finished Product Quality

Lowest Cost of responsible removal of log yard debris

Guaranteed cubic yard tally

We record every minute of our processing using a time lapse video recorder. The tapes are time and date stamped and show every bucketful of material processed through our machine. A copy of this tape is submitted with each corresponding invoice. Invoices are based on the number of loader buckets counted in the video tape. We submit a list of each shift bucket count and the location on the tape for quick verifications (mill management need only view one random shift to verify the bucket count).

For more information concerning onsite processing please contact

Mark Gilham at 503-843-6262 or mobile 503-550-2034.

Our new water bath separator has been in operation since 1998 recovering
every conceivable variety of log yard debris and other rock/soil/sand and
metal contaminated timber by-products with a 100% recovery rate.

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